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Don’t Take the Bait: How to Spot a Phishing Email

Challenge Ratting: 2 Skills: Cybersecurity Analytics +1 In the vast sea of your inbox, you might think you’re just angling for important emails, but lurking beneath the surface are some slippery characters looking to hook you in a net of deception. Phishing emails are like crafty anglers, casting their baited lines with the hopes of …

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Analyzing Network Attacks

Analyzing network attacks is a critical aspect of cybersecurity that requires a combination of technical expertise, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of network protocols and security principles. By examining the intricacies of network attacks, security professionals can gain valuable insights into the tactics, techniques, and vulnerabilities exploited by adversaries. Through meticulous analysis and …

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Analyzing DNS and ICMP Traffic

Analyzing DNS (Domain Name System) and ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) traffic plays a crucial role in understanding and diagnosing network behavior and security threats. DNS serves as the backbone of the internet, translating human-readable domain names into IP addresses, while ICMP facilitates communication between network devices by transmitting control messages. By closely examining DNS …

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5 Simple Steps to Perform a CYBERSECURITY Audit

Challenge Rating: 1 Skills: Security Analyst+1 In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is of utmost importance for businesses of all sizes. The ever-evolving threat landscape necessitates a proactive approach to safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against potential cyberattacks. A cybersecurity audit serves as a vital tool to assess and enhance the security posture of an organization. …

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