About Me

Meet the Bytebarian

Greetings, I’m Shane, your friendly neighborhood Bytebarian, currently donning the hat of a Network Technician. I’m on a mission to conquer the digital skies and safeguard cloud infrastructures with my trusty toolkit of skills.

As I traverse the intricate networks of today, I hold tight to my certifications in CompTIA Network+ and Google Cybersecurity, grounding me in the fundamentals of network security. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m also knee-deep in books, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cloud Computing and a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity, gearing up for the challenges that lie ahead in the cloud realm.

Now, let’s talk cybersecurity escapades in the cloud! Ever ventured into the world of cloud security? That’s where the real excitement begins. From configuring secure cloud environments to fortifying defenses against digital storms, I’m all about ensuring those cloud-based assets stay safe and sound.

But it’s not all about locking down data centers in the sky. I’ve also delved into the realm of database security, particularly cozying up to SQL. Whether it’s crafting intricate queries or ensuring data integrity, I’m your guy for keeping those databases ship-shape and secure.

When I’m not weaving my magic in the cloud, you’ll find me glued to my screen, devouring cybersecurity podcasts like Cyberwire Daily and Darknet Diaries. There’s something about those tales of digital intrigue that keeps me hooked and fuels my passion for staying ahead of the curve.

Now, let’s talk collaboration. I firmly believe in the power of teamwork, whether it’s brainstorming solutions to cloud conundrums or sharing insights over a virtual cup of coffee. After all, cloud security is a team sport, and together, we can weather any storm.

As I gear up for the exhilarating journey of becoming a cloud security engineer, I’m fueled by a genuine enthusiasm for unraveling digital mysteries and safeguarding cloud-based assets. With a dash of professionalism and a sprinkle of continuous improvement, I’m ready to soar to new heights in the world of cloud security.

Thanks for joining me on this cloud-bound adventure through cybersecurity and beyond. I can’t wait to connect with fellow enthusiasts, swap stories, and dive deeper into the ever-evolving world of cloud security.


  • Active Directory +1
  • Azure +2
  • Networking +2
  • Security Analyst +3
  • SQL +1
  • TCP/IP +2





Cybersecurity Professional

My Core Values

Guided by an unwavering passion for cloud security, my core values are anchored in continuous learning and a drive to effect meaningful change. I thrive in the face of challenges, viewing them as opportunities to innovate and strengthen cloud defenses. Collaboration is at the heart of my approach, recognizing the synergy it brings to fortifying cloud infrastructures against evolving threats. With a steadfast commitment to professionalism, I uphold integrity and accountability in every endeavor. Moreover, I prioritize staying abreast of the latest cloud technologies and best practices, ensuring proactive defense against emerging security risks.